Thank you for having taken the time to read my blog.


I honestly can’t say why I blog, but given that fact that I do, can

I thank you for reading my blog instead of doing a myriad other things.


Just to confirm I DID write this blog, haha, for lack of having anything else to say,

thank YOU very much for reading, you know that it

always cheers me up to have you visit my blog, regardless of how brief

it may be.


I’m keeping well, no problems, thank you for your concern.

Haha, talk about interactive blogging, right!


Only one night I had a disquieting dream about a spider that was pulling

someting with the yarn it spun and when I looked closer I saw it was

putting poison in the eyes of a small baby and when I pulled it from him I

notices that it had horns on its head, I do not know what that means, but

maybe an indication to exercise caution as there may be some with evil

intentions. Apart from that I’ve also seen one or two good omens like a

dove that flew around the Internet Cafe, likening a blue bird of

happiness, then the woman working there tried to get it out, but it flew

up and also a couple days ago I was at Pick ’n’ Pay and this big slab of

chocolate just fell off the shelf all by itself in front of me, I asked

the man behind me did he see that, he smiled, picked up the chocolate and

bought it, so what’s news with you?


Comment your news & Take care.