To whom it may not be of concern


With reference to the recent incident of alleged misconduct against

cleaners who acted of their own free will, I wish to point out that the

morality of University of Free State’s staff is questionable considering


the fact that they were enticed by possible financial rewards to consume

alcohol while on duty. What disciplinary measures are being taken against

these perpetrators of drinking on duty and how do you intend reprimading


these cleaners who are obvious offenders regardless of who enticed them?

Would they still have complained had they received promised financial

reward? This is questionable, as is Mercury headline claiming via

generalisation that it’s not too late for whites to apologise and remark


in You magazine by biased author claiming superiority with referral to

extinction comparable to dinosaurs, which is discriminatory, to say the

very least, reflecting exploitation by unscrupulous media to incite

violence and entice hatred as opposed to promoting peace and harmony for


those remaining who could not afford to leave the country, but are bearing

the brunt of uncalled for victimisations and allegations.