Here is a reply a wrote re. free web hosting, but given as it was long ago, it probably no longer applies.



> Dear affiliates,

> is at present running a campaign in UK, Germany, Austria,

> Switzerland and India, whereby we offer 12 months free hosting and a free

> domain to residents in those countries.

> Even though there are no charge for the Hosting and Domain (a small set-up

> fee apply), affiliates still receive USD 20, EUR 15 or GBP 10 per sale

> they generate (depending on the currency your account is set up in).

> Please do not hesitate to email us on if you require any

> further information or assistance.

> For more information on, please log onto

> Best regards

> Marketing

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Good day,


Plesae send me more information on how I may register as an affiliate.


I logged onto our site, but cuold not find information pertaining to

affiliates per se.


Many thanks.