Pets in flats

Here is a letter I wrote To The Editor:


I herewith wish to raise the issues of keeping pets in



Although many body corporates are very accommodating when

it comes to allowing dogs or cats in flats, just as many do

not allow this and only allow tenants to keep smaller

animals like birds or fish.


This results in many pets having to be put down if no

alternative homes may be found for them.



It is very sad considering the amount of pensioners that

move from houses to old age homes and are not allowed to

take their beloved pets with them. If pensioners were

allowed to keep their pets provided stringent hygiene

measures are complied with, this would also ease the trauma

of having to move to new surroundings.


As such I wish to implore organisations like Tafta, private

old age homes, body corporates, etc. to re-consider

allowing keeping pets, especially where with increased

urbanisation and housing shortages, many have to relocate

to premises smaller than would be condusive for keeping of



I am sure certain exceptions could be made here, such as

areas specially assigned to keeping of pets or reviewed

regulations in this regards.