Curt sent& rec&sent em (ok, you get the idea, i suppose):



> Hello Harriet,

> Could you kindly address my queries as outlined above as concisely as

> possible as a mere ? hardly offers a feasable explanation to the questions

> I posed.

> May I concisely advise you that you intending to sell your stuff to us,

> and that snotty little replies won’t cut it. You should reply above the

> quote, not below, so I can actually see what you’re trying to write.

> Look… just send a couple of photos so we can see what you look like

> and then we’ll consider if we want to shoot you.

> Cheers,

> Nick

> —

Dear Nick,


By your rather curt reply it seems that you would rather want to shoot me

quite literally, even in the line of photography would be fairly difficult

as I’m (presumably) in another country altogether, which is why I proposed

sending in photos by e-mail as the impression I got from your I take it

sister publications was that of amateur models submitting photos, as

was stated in the publication I perused.


Thanks for your time, dear.