Re: Request for domain name registration no. 3


“NOM.ZA Hostmaster” <>



> Hi there,

> The correct name for registration under would be

> You

> could add prefixes such as ‘www’ which would make the URL


> If you wish to register a sub domain, I would advise to go to

> to read through their website or potentially mail


> for more information. We at cannot speak for any registrar other

> than

> ourselves.

> Please note again, that registrations cannot be used for

> commercial

> gain – would be a viable option for that.

> Kind Regards,

> Hostmaster

>> Good day,


>> Kindly confirm whether domain name would be registered under


>> or or http://za.oliver as I notice, a

>> commercial domain name, is currently allocated to a tyre company.


>> You would realise that it is absolutely imperative for me to obtain the

>> correct website address in to ascertain correct URL & determine

>> corresponding IP number so as the enable DNS configuration as

>> efficiently

>> as possible.


>> Also could you advise me of the most cost effective methods of obtaining

>> a

>> domain name, i.e. where I would be able to pbtain most affordable

>> rates, as I am only starting on this idea now & thus have not realised

>> an

>> income yet, per se, although I may envisage doing so eventually.


>> Thanking you in anticipation for a reply, at your earliest convenience.


>> Yours faithfully



>> (Ms) H .Oliver




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Dear Hostmaster


Thanks again.


I’ll be in touch once I’ve effected configuration.





(Ms) H. Oliver


So why is everything I try a failure?????????????????