At least you (presumably) get paid for sitting in front of a pc, for me it’s a hobby.

It’s not always all bad, but what other option do I have?



I’m feeling sombre and depressed at the moment, maybe my hormones

playing up, but I constantly feel like crying, maybe too many unresolved

issues, I don’t know why poeple hate me so much when I do nothing wrong to


them.  I’m feeling really drained and physically and emotionally exhausted.





like torture to sit for so many hours doing nothing, I much rather

prefer sitting at a computer as it’s more intellectually stimulating, but

it’s embarrassing when people want to know how I support myself or even to


tell then that I’m, technically speaking, unemployed.


My dad asks what do I do at the internet café all the time and I tried explaining to him I write blogs and he said what’s that, I said it’s like essays and he said it’s a grievance for him that I sit so many hours by the internet café, I should rather be looking for a job. That’s easier said than done in this country. I’ve tried.


Anywho…u take care and have a gud day. blog later perhaps, uhm, definitely.