Re: Serve-Hosting – Domain Registered


“Serve-Hosting” <>


> Dear Hercolena Oliver,

> Your domain has been registered. Please allow 8 – 48 hours for dns

> to resolve. For more information regarding dns please visit


> Please visit your domain, and once the

> following page appears;

> “This domain currently has no web site associated with it.” with a

> Serve-Hosting logo on it, This indicates your site has been resolved.

> Your domain was registered with the following information

> Domain Registrant: Hercolena Oliver

> Registrant Postal address: PO Box 3024, Durban, Kwazulu Natal, 4000

> Registrant Phone No.: 0027313321025

> Registrant Fax No.  : 0866531297

> Registrant e-mail   :

> For more information please visit


> Kind Regards,

> Serve-Hosting

> Phone: 0861 073 783

> Fax: 0866 558 184

> Email:

> Website:

> Forum:

Good day,


Many thanks for such a prompt response and for your ealier replies.


I am deeply gratified at you having accepted and acceded to my request.


I must say I was actually a bit excited when I saw your ad appear on the

site and am quite happy with this to do justice to promoting the great

service you render. Should I however wish to upload some contents in

future please could you advise me how to do so.