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>Hi, H. Oliver!
>Thanks for the excellent suggestions!   We’re striving to
>make Care2
>your #1 internet resource, so we’re always interested in
>hearing what
>features our members want to see on their favorite web
>site.  I have
>forwarded your email to our Petition Site team for further
>We always try to remember that it is you, our user, that
>matters most.
>We love to hear from our members and see what is working
>and how we
>might improve our services and features.  
>We review every single suggestion and will keep yours in
>mind when we
>get ready for our next big update.
>Thank you for your support of Care2, where every click
>makes a difference!
>Care2 Support
>&gt; [
>&gt; Hi,
>&gt; Thanks for a great, informative interactive website.
>&gt; I may suggest you highlight petitions already signed
>&gt; members after members log in that has already been
>&gt; completed, as a person may forget what petitions have
>&gt; completed considering the vast number of petitions.
>&gt; highlight finished petitions.
>&gt; Instead of listing petitions according to categories
>&gt; options may be given of also being able to view these
>&gt; petitions according to alpabetical listing, date
>&gt; number of preference& according to most or least
>&gt; obtained thus far.
>&gt; Also petitions closed already should be indicated as
>&gt; in home page.  Petitions exceeding required amount of
>&gt; signatures should likewise also be indicated as such.
>&gt; when cut off date has been passed already.
>&gt; Once required amount of signatures and/or cut off
>&gt; have
>&gt; been obtained petition should be closed automatically
>&gt; programming required number of signatures and cut off
>&gt; Persons who initiated petitions should be notified
>&gt; accordingly that target has been reached so that
>&gt; may be submitted timeously. This will also give web
>users a
>&gt; chance to sign other new petitions instead of adding
>&gt; signature to petition already exceeding required
>&gt; Possibly a different web page or category my be
>&gt; for completed petitions, or those that have expired,
>&gt; citing outcome, whether these were successful and
>&gt; favourable comments of those who had signed petitions
>&gt; towards those petition was addressed to once these
>&gt; petitions have been complied with.
>&gt; Every petion should have an option of returning to
>&gt; page for full petition list.