Important: Comments&suggestions

Thanks for a great, informative interactive website.

I may suggest you highlight petitions already signed by
members after members log in that has already been
completed, as a person may forget what petitions have been
completed considering the vast number of petitions. Also
highlight finished petitions.

Instead of listing petitions according to categories
options may be given of also being able to view these
petitions according to alpabetical listing, date order,
number of preference& according to most or least signatures
obtained thus far.

Also petitions closed already should be indicated as such
in home page.  Petitions exceeding required amount of
signatures should likewise also be indicated as such. Also
when cut off date has been passed already.

Once required amount of signatures and/or cut off dates
been obtained petition should be closed automatically by
programming required number of signatures and cut off date.
Persons who initiated petitions should be notified
accordingly that target has been reached so that petitions
may be submitted timeously. This will also give web users a
chance to sign other new petitions instead of adding
signature to petition already exceeding required amount.

Possibly a different web page or category my be instated
for completed petitions, or those that have expired, also
citing outcome, whether these were successful and encourage
favourable comments of those who had signed petitions
towards those petition was addressed to once these
petitions have been complied with.

Every petion should have an option of returning to home
page for full petition list.