e-m Re: BCCSA: Complaints: Withdrawal (‘Some’ time ago)

 “Shouneez Martin” <smartin@nabsa.co.za> wrote:
>Dear Ms Oliver
>We acknowledge receipt of your e-mail of which the
>contents have been
>I would like to know if you lodging a complaint or if you
>would like
>your comments to be forwarded to e-tv for their
>The BCCSA can only consider complaints which deal with the
>content of
>broadcast programmes or programme promos and when it seems
>that our Code
>of Conduct might have been contravened. Our Code covers
>matters such as
>factually incorrect or biased news reporting; unfair
>comment; explicit
>sex; excessive violence or crude language on TV and radio;
>which could offend on religious grounds or incite racial
>hatred; the
>invasion of privacy. 
>When lodging a complaint with the Commission we require
>the following:
>the name of a specific broadcast programme, the date and
>time of
>broadcast, with details of what the material was that
>might have
>contravened the Broadcasting Code. This information is
>necessary since
>it cannot be left to the BCCSA to decide exactly what is
>otherwise the BCCSA will become the initiator and the
>adjudicator in the
>Thank you for making use of our services.
>Yours sincerely 
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>—–Original Message—–
>From: Hercolena Oliver

>To: Bccsa
>Subject: Complaints
>To Whom it May Concern
>I herewith wish to express my dissatisfaction with the
>exploitation on Fear Factor with the ignorance of a young
>person with
>regards to possible danger she was exposing herself to.
>essentially valuable lessons could be taught in this
>program helping
>viewers to overcome their fears, the reverse seems to be
>true when
>conversely participants & viewers are provoked to perform
>feats that are
>not condoned by society and promotes violence.
>Refer 7.1.2 in this regard:  The e.m. shall not “present
>material which
>contains brutality, violence or atrocities.”
>Also Third Degree preview pertaining to man fathering 75
>kids under
>false pretexes is unsuitable for kids as it diminishes
>family values,
>proving just how desperate some couples are, not to
>mention how
>unscrupulous some men are:
> Refer:  7.1.3  exercise due care & respect in
>presentation of programs
>where large number of children… 
>Personally, I’d rather see this feat recorded in the
>Guiness Book of
>Records as I am sure 75 kids is a rare achievement, albeit
>somewhat uniquely.
>Thanks for great programs anyway.
>Harriet Oliver

Dear Shouneez Martin

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I herewith wish to withdraw my complaint.

With regards to the program Fear Factor it does not
specifically relate to categories as stated above. In fact,
I rather pity the young lady who got hurt in an attempt to
be on National TV and she herself stated in the newspaper
that she has no beef with e-tv. In fact, her motivation is
probably not far different from those who purposely harm
themselves to gain a place in Guinness, Survivor,
Ripleys’s…to name but a few.

As for Third Degree Preview I dare say that I mistakenly
misinterpreted preview thinking the man himself fathered 75
children, so don’t bother phoning up Guinness Book just
yet(joke). As a matter of fact, when watching the program
it seemed that the would-be-mothers in question had only
shown symptons of pregnancy and were not really pregnant.

In lieu of above I would hardly recommend my comments being
forwarded to e-tv.

Thanks all the same for an obviously valued service rendered
in the community.

May you be granted patience to deal with a assumingly large
number of unjustified complaints.