Completion Comments

Module 5 exam MRS001.

Q1 Prologue & epilogue -prose, rest – poetic. Here I chose
PSALMS due to its poetic nature.

Q3  I mistakenly chose LAMENTATIONS as answer due to key
word LAMENTS under Hymns, thanksgiving, songs & laments.

Q6 Variety of Sentiments – Here I considered ECCLESIASTES,
as it may seem depressing, but brings solace.

Q12 Thoughts of community of people. Although I considered
this to be True, it was incorrect.

Q13  Beginning of wisdom – I’d chooses INTELLECTUAL
UNDERSTANDING instead of FEAR  as fear is a conditioned
response whereas understanding is required in pursuit of

Q14 Noah, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob – I chose EXODUS as I
confused Moses with Noah

Q31  First city in Canaan conquered by Israel – I
mistakenly chose AI

Q33  Place to which leaders of Israel exiled – Here I would
have considered BABYLON to be the probable answer!

Q40 Conquest of Canaan – Here I would have considered
JOSHUA to be probable answer!

Q43 Accidentally kill another person If answer is not
SHECHEM I may have been aware of one, but not six cities
for that person as alternative possible answer.

Q62 Feast celebrates Israel’s exodus from Egypt – PASSOVER?

Q65 Oppression & deliverance – Here I chose Joshua due to
the key words: & deliverance.