MTN Foundation

Kindly update pre-recorded message as 555 is no longer
applicable for balance enquiry, but 141 is.

Comments: If do not deliver 1 message – all not deleted –
at end does not say to exit press * must hang up.  Must
improve: pre-rec. re. voice mail retreival.  For help –
press 8 – should have exit function.  If listen to message
second time does not mention to delete press 5.  To send
press 3: enter destination, then press hash is vague.
 4:modify.  3:Auto-transfer.  Informed message manager does
not auto transfer faxes. Only if go into help function does
automated voice say to end press 99 or just hang up.
 Should have facility available at end of each possible
function for those who do not wish to utilise full range of