Re: Animal testing solution

 “The Ellis Family” wrote:
>Dear Hercolena
>Thank you very much for your email. It is probably the

>most useful reply I
>have had since I started the petition!
>Kind Regards
>—–Original Message—–
>From: Hercolena Oliver

>Subject: Animal testing solution?
>Dear Natalie Ellis
>Congratulations on having your letter published.

>Yes, yours does seem like a feasable idea, which is why I
>am e-mailing my support.
>My name is Hercolena Oliver and my address is PO Box 3024
>Durban 4000.
>I also wish to make a suggestion to you as I notice you do

>have an e-mail address and therefore quite likely have
>access to the Internet also.
>If you go to and click on Petitions and on
>Create a Petition you can submit your own petiion

>electronically to gain electronic signatures in support of
>your cause from all over the world.  If you also wish to
>electronically sign petitions concerning animals you can
>so or for any other topics you may find of interest.

>You can also go directly to which
>is the same window you would go to if clicking petitions

>Anyone can submit a petition for review.
>Wishing you well in your future endeavours.
>Please let me know in future if you have managed to make
>progress addressing ideas.


Dear Natalie

Thank you very much for your encouraging reply.

I am very pleased that you found my reply of some use.

Please let me know if you decide to place your petition on
the petition site so I may look out for it.  You will
notice that there are other petitions noting similar
concerns as yours although not quite the same, thus yours

should be of some interest.

Kind regards