re. Sup. IQ test

Here’s my response to an e-mal from this site,
that’s sadly not online anymore, as to my very limited knowledge!
Correct me, if I’m wrong!
(at your own peril, that is)

Ye, I know, repetition, is the precluder of whatever, but, hey, there’s more!

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>Sup. IQ Test
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>Q5: 2x(1/2 x 10) + (1/4 x 16)
> =(2×5) + 4
> =14
>Note: 14 was not provided as possible answer.
>Q10: If blues are 1 less than greens after 1 game they
>would be equal, but more than 1 less, than greens would be
>more, thus answer may vay as accotding to number values
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Hi Sidney McKenzie

Thank you so much for you reply.

With regards to the aura test, I must admit you’re right
in saying that my masculine and feminine sides are of equal
importance, and I often think I am too gentle and
should be more authorative.

With regards to ESP e-mail,
Q2 I was thinking of shape for football what in South Africa
is called a rugby ball, therefore I did not recognise term,
but when revealed recognized picture I had in mind.

You will also notice that options I chose were only 1 or 2
line spaces removed from correct answers.

Q18 Whiteboard could be used as ping pong table.

Q20 Correlation between buy & WIN

Q23 Also gray & BEIGE are similar

Q34 Maybe person buying vases may have wanted to buy 10,
but then settled instead for 3.

Q27 Meaning of expensive & PRICELESS are related.

Q28 BLUE & green are both soothing colours and a shade of
blue can be referred to as sea green.

Q31 Basic outline of FISH resembles that of mouse.

Q32 PROBABLY/possibly are closely related to maybe.

Q35 Maybe I pictured a park as this image could be
associated with grassy mountain slopes.

Q36 1, although 3 may have considered also.

Q38 I chose 3, but 3×2=6

Q40 Lavender & vanilla are also soothing fragrances, as
opposed to sage & grape which is somewhat more prominent.

Check results re. precognition, some actual answers are
preceded by my incorrect answers, i.e. 3 instead of 6
pillars – maybe alterations & additions to premises may
have been considered.

I wish to suggest that you publish findings on different
answers relating to ESP questions and other test taken by
web browsers or make these available
to researchers in the field who may find these of
particaular value.

Now that was an entertaining website!
Don’t you think?
HaHA. ok, if you don’t comment…