Terms of endearment

I am herewith extending well wishes to you,

though I can’t recall off-hand if that was
indeed the case at the time.

However, likewise I wish you an incredibly
blessed day today and every day for that matter.

I hope you have a wonderful day and that your conduct will be worthy of


Practice thoughtfulness and
consideration with regards to courtesy extended for friends and families.

I’m sure the
thought behind the kind gesture that you thus extend must mean so much to them.

rightfully you are entitled to indulge in what makes you happy,

a wise and practical
decision that I hope you will receive much benefit and joy from.

I truely appreciate you entrusting such personal time to
me as to peruse the contents of this blog

and although I have duly noted your visit to this blog,

I can assure you
that as a token of gratitude for you reading this blog.

The content thereof may at least be of some benefit to you,

Albeit marginally.

You may comment, although I shall not
mail you at your e-mail address, unless you wish for me to do so at
some point in the future when it is appropriate.

Now your affection and
dedication is required by those closest to you and dependent on you.

Endeavour to
remain as always in the interim a faithful companion to those you meet.

By the same token
it may be unwise at this stage to make any decisions that you’re unsure of,
given the fact that haste makes waste.

you, however, I, as a token of the trust you
have bestowed in me by reading this blog, will keep you in my prayers.

You may not have been aware prior hereto that it is not always wise

to send any untowards or inappropriate mail,
though mail then for the purpose of correspondence
would be preferable.

Had I known when it was your birthday I surely would have congratulated
you so may I take the opportunity of doing so now. The compliment is huge
for you having taken time to read this blog, bridging difference between us,

dear reader.

herewith this blogging effort as present to ascede to any modest request.

show much consideration from yourself to the next person

with an admittedly rather dowdy looking

I wish you a week as beautiful as you, filled with joy, love and light too.