Re: Webmail notification of system maintenance wrote:
> Webmail
> There comes a time in

>everybody’s life when they outgrow their current
>environment and when something needs to change. 8 years
>down the line and 2 million registered users later, the
>time has come for Webmail to implement a major upgrade of

>our services to you. For this to happen we are moving our
> servers and will unfortunately have to schedule down
>time. Please take note of the following:

> On your initial login to the system,
>all mail services will be fully operational however your

>old mail may not be immediately available on the new
>service. Should this be the case, please log out and try
>again at a later stage. We will endeavour to have the
>migration completed as soon as possible.


> For a more technical explanation,
>please click here
> We have
>listened to what has been requested and are pleased to

>provide you with the following upgrades.

> Larger Mailbox capacity – 20 MB

> Much faster service with more

> Spell Checking

> Advanced search facility

> Fetchmail capabilities

> Message highlighting

> Extended timeouts

> Advanced spam filtering

> Blogging
> In fact we
>have made technical improvements to the entire service and

>this all comes with a new and improved interface.
> Fujitsu Services will continue to manage the
>Webmail ISP dialup, ISDN, ADSL, Escan services as before,
> and will continue offering support to all users via

>their Call Centre. Fujitsu’s contact details remain the
>same, namely : 0822-343425 and
> So we thank you, our valued users, for

>supporting us through the migration and helping us grow
>this ALL SOUTH AFRICAN PRODUCT. We are committed to
>continuously improve and develop our product and build
>on our relationship with you, to ensure that our service

>remains world class. Should you have any comments or
>experience any problems through this migration process,
>please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending
> an e-mail to


Sounds like an execllent upgrade by the webmail team.

Well played strategically, don’t you agree?

How does the above compare to global standards?