Proposal for




I.          Summary. 3

II.          Introduction.. 3

III.         Needs/Problems. 3

IV.        Goals/Objectives. 3

V.         Procedures/Scope of Work. 3

VI.        Timetable. 3

VII.       Budget 3

VIII.       Key Personnel. 3

IX.        Evaluation.. 3

X.         Endorsements. 3

XI.        Next Steps. 3

XII.        Appendix. 3



I.                      Summary

This section should include information for those readers who will not read the entire document but who will need a summary of the proposal. Although this section appears first in the document, it is usually written last.

The summary should remain on a separate page and not exceed one page.

The summary should contain the following elements:

  • Brief identification and purpose of your organization
  • The purpose and anticipated end result of this proposal
  • The type and amount of support requested
  • The total anticipated budget
  • Other information you deem pertinent


II.                  Introduction

Introduce your organization here.

It is best to begin by explaining how and why your organization was founded. It is also a good idea to provide a mission statement so that your readers know who you are and what you do.

Your introduction can include information such as the purpose of your organization, a description of its activities, a description of its target population, and evidence to show that it is a healthy organization.


III.               Needs/Problems

Identify the needs or problems to be addressed. Include the target population and any statistical information that you may have. Ideas for information to include here are:

  • Length of time needs/problems have existed
  • Whether problem has ever been addressed before, and what the outcome was
  • Impact of problem to target population
  • Impact of problem to surrounding populations

IV.            Goals/Objectives

State the desired goals and objectives to address the needs/problems stated above. Also include key benefits of reaching goals/objectives.

  • Goal 1
  • Goal 2
  • Goal 3

V.               Procedures/Scope of Work

Provide detailed information about proposed procedures, if available, and the scope of work. Include information on activities such as recruiting, training, testing, and actual work required.


VI.            Timetable

Provide detailed information on the expected timetable for the project. Break the project into phases, and provide a schedule for each phase.


Description of Work

Start and End Dates

Phase One



Phase Two



Phase Three




VII.        Budget

State the proposed costs and budget of the project. Also include information on how you intend to manage the budget.


Description of Work

Anticipated Costs

Phase One



Phase Two



Phase Three





$   0.00


VIII.     Key Personnel

List the key personnel who will be responsible for completion of the project, as well as other personnel involved in the project.



IX.             Evaluation

Discuss how progress will be evaluated throughout and at the end of the project.

X.                Endorsements

Provide the names and addresses of individuals and companies who support and endorse the project.

XI.             Next Steps

Specify the actions required of the readers of this document.

  • Next Step 1
  • Next Step 2
  • Next Step 3


XII.         Appendix

Provide supporting material for your proposal here.