With reference to above, uhm, below, beyond?, well, then I dunno,
oh, due to limited available resources, I have had to
obtain information from Internet based sources.

Since specific reference has been made to certain sources, such and other
related material was consulted, as I leave up to yer imagination!

Blog regulations specify as follows:
“When you submit your blog, you will be certifying that the work is your
own and that you have not made use of textbooks, notes or other persons in
developing your blogs.” Thus, I did not consider Intenet based sources as
taboo, as a result of no referral being made thereto in this specified
exclusion, hence inclusion hereof.

Also, due to time constraints and inavailablity of required textbooks, I
was compelled to consult Internet based sources in this regard.

However, since you, dear blog reader, may express your general dissatisfaction with this
modus operandi, I shall respect your wishes and blog, as per your
request, not to? Oh, in realtion to the above, phew.

Also, I shall exercise more caution in future to resolve to apply more
original approach in writing, as I ironically conversely thought that a
deviation from the norm may result in not conforming to certain standards
and would raise objection, but if it is originality you require I shall
endeavour to adopt such approach, after all the basic truth remains the
same, although perceptions and interpretations may differ.

Yours faithfully

Guess who?