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>Sent: 09 May 2006 11:19 AM
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>Subject: Zuma had the vooma, but the girl said angifuna!
>Much to my consternation, I was greeted yesterday by the
>sounds of cheering and hooters blowing, only to be

>that Zuma has now officially been proclained innocent,
>after having been the subject of formidable arguments and
>much heated debated.
>However, what I found ironic was the judge’s referral to

>the girl having shown signs of sexual trauma in the past,
>while not acting as a typical rape victim, which in itself
>is contradictory. By the way, what are the prerequisites
>for the behaviour of a typical rape victim anyway, if

>incidentally I may ask such? Furthermore, it is ironic
>the judge should state the girl showed signs of having
>sexually traumatised in the past, yet stating that she had
>made previous false rape allegations. If she had indeed

>been sexually traumatised in the past, why would the rape
>allegations have been false? I say, if this is a case of
>money talks, then give me some of those green backs or for
>most men that consider similar actions, first wait to be

>elected to parliament before considering such.
>Then again maybe Zuma did really love the girl and that is
>why he was willing to have unprotected sex with her, as he
>loved her unconditionally despite her HIV status. In that

>case it is sad that there would have been such a gross
>misunderstaning, also his actions, had it been sincerely
>motivated, are then not such a total miscarriage of
>justice, but rather an immense tragedy, as he may have had

>a bit of PLEASURE, but will now have to repent now at
>LEISURE. Although constitutionally he has been acquitted,
>it is as good as if he had signed his own death sentence,
>by having sexual relations with an AIDS infected girl.

>However, if the rights of the girl is to be considered,
>fact that her dignity was not upheld, due to the outcome
>the trial and the less than kindly remarks by insensitive

>members of the public, could almost be described as a
>perversion of justice. One comment I want to make about
>Zuma is that he never at any time made any adverse
>about the girl concerned, but rather attempted to express

>his commitment to her and the fact is that for him it was
>not a casual encounter as he had viewed theirs as a
>relationship of some sorts.
>In any event, Zuma was and is still smiling. If he had a

>good time while he was at it, it still shows by the
>expression on his face. This is not something he will
>attempt againg in a hurry, for all you lady fans out
>For Zuma my sincere advice would be that the next time he

>intends on having sexual relations with a woman he better
>get a signed consent form first or a recording granting
>permission or at the very least have one or two witnesses
>present to acknowledge consent, that is if he may not view

>it a bit perverse having an audience. But for a man with
>his political influence, he should be quite used to having
>an audience by now, although maybe not in That sense of
>word. As the case may be, I really hope he did enjoy it at

>the time for all the trauma he has had to endure.
>Although my sympathy is inclined towards both Zuma and the
>girl concerned as having been an alternative to soap
>for a period of time, the danger lies in that many men may

>now feel compelled or justified to bed overnighting family
>acquaintances if they dress anything less than
>appropriately, as, after all, if Zuma can get away with
>why can’t they? This may set a precendent that could

>encourage divergent bebaviour that otherwise may have been
>discouraged had Zuma been guilty, as charged. So, I say
>girlfriends, if you plan on overnighting, don’t forget
>those long sleeve pajamas, slippers, mittens and woolly

>hats. Oh, and a few curlers in the hair might also help so
>as not to create the wrong impression.
>Although the whole affair seems to me like an unfortunate
>misunderstanding, I wish for males not to take advantage

>women as a result of the outcome of this trial. Thus
>be considered if the judge had really only considered
>justice for one and not justice for all, for who knows
>behaviour this may still enduce, especially in the more

>sexually depraved members of our society. To Zuma’s credit
>can be said that the girl had been a close acquaintance
>that he had not used physical violence, although there was
>some forced penetration. Maybe had there been some

>the girl would have had a chance to decline his propoasal
>or who knows, she may have even changed her mind and
>instead of a rape trial we may have seen wedding bells for
>the new Mrs Zuma instead on TV.

>Sadly, what has happened, happened, yet, this being a
>democratic country, the matter has now officially been
>deliberated and resolved, unlike Swaziland where it is
>game for the king to abduct a school girl to take as his

>wife, whether she likes it or not. Also, although this may
>be a third world country, we are now truely not far behind
>the Americans, condering what Bill Clinton got up to:
>nudge, nudge, wink, wink…say mo more.

>Anyway, to make a long story short, what with Zuma having
>had two widely publicized trials in close succession, I am
>sure that he has now gained enough female admirers to pick
>and choose, but may refuse so as not again his dignity to


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Dear Katy Chance

I was very pleased that you would have considered placing
my letter for publication as such.

I must compliment you on your editing that conveyed the
central message while still portraying a subtle humour that
just added a nice finishing touch.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes