I had some strange dreams many moons ago, and since you’re reading this blog,
please could you try and interpret these dreams for me.

I dreamed of:

I dreamt last night I was outside elevator on platform high above the ground.

I went up in an elevator and could see through the walls, but was scared
to fall.
I tried to pull stuff away from the sides that looked like folded towels
right at the very edge.
I took clothes off for people in surrounding buildings to see me naked.

I dreamed I already had other kittens, one grey, but found an
orange, ginger kitten that I was going to take home after having gingerly
picked it up, but instead took it to a vet who knew of someone else to put
it up as it was of good pedigree.

I went to church and people at a table in a meeting were discussing me,
one lady looked disapprovingly at me as though I was not welcome.
I was in a dark alley and two men wanted to put me in a car and I didn’t

want to.
I dreamed of a location, nice from outside, scruffy
from inside close to where I live though the location was somewhere I
haven’t physically been.

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