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Kindly refer to following:

Q2 Should correct spelling be Uziah or Uzziah?

Q3 It would be surmised that Babylon had been dominant
world power preceding prophecies against Babylon.

Q5 Isaiah’s ministry extended from about 740 B.C. until at
least 701 B.C. (Is. 37-39)

Q9 Isaiah insisted ceremonial worship is useless unless
accomplished (or ACCOMPANIED) by active concern for

Q14 Elation, as future glory and salvation (Is. 54-66)
deal with hope and deliverance.

Q18 Spelling: lightning instead of lightening strike,
which would conversely have implied luminous as opposed to

thunder and lightning

Q19 Israel: Is. 13-27: Is. 17:6 Reference to tree

Q20 Correlation between connotations of stump and remnant

Q22 In relation to food offerings to entice Baal animals
offered included sheep, cattle and certain wild animals.

Q27 Isaiah sent message to the terrified Ahaz who did not
turn to God.
As for other option: Pekiah;
Should this not be Pekah: 18th king of Israel OR
Pekahiah:17th king of Israel?

Q30 Would division be an appropriate word in referral to
Comfort: Is. 40-41: Opening words: “Comfort…comfort my

Q34 Bel Is this correct or should it be Baal or El?

Philistia: Philistines apparently carried images of their
gods into battle (2 Sam. 5:21)

Q38 In relation to word ONLY I considered statement as
false as not ONLY bloodshed and cries of distress were
found in God’s search for justice.

Yours faithfully