Look on the bright side of death

Honoured Blog Reader

I do realise exactly what you are reading and have maybe deliberately
understood contents of blog criteria.

All right, I admit that I shamelessly copied from Internet based sources.

However, you must admit that my multiple choice answers to guessing your name,
oh, did you miss that one, may av bn abother blog then,
may have been
fairly original though, if not astounding in diversification from the
actual required answers I ask of you occassionally in my blogs.
It is ironic that such rigidity is required in
blogs compared to flexibilty expected in, uhm, well, …blogs, i suppose.

Just an observation though.

Thank you all the same for being so kind and tactful, to rather NOT comment! haha

Here’s two litle poems I made up:

How to deal with my grief
immeasurable beyond belief?
Then again I’m feeling fine.
Man may be mortal,
but God is divine.

Look on the bright side

If you’re not working there’s no need to pay tax.
Just pay heed to syntax.
If you’re dead,
there’s no need to plan ahead.
If you’ve got nothing too,
they can’t steal from you.
Yet if you’re broke,
you’ll appreciate a joke.
If you’re dumb,
You’re inclined to feel numb.
If you’re mad,
that’s not so bad.
If you’re fat,
people probably rather notice your hat.
If you’re not good looking,
try another hobby, like cooking.
If you’re hated,
God’s love may be anticipated.
If life is unjust,
you may feel no need to trust.
But if you have nothing,
you can still sing:
God’s ordained will has purpose with everything.

Blessed wishes!