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>Customer – 05/22/2006 01:40 AM
>Q5: 2x(1/2 x 10) + (1/4 x 16)
> =(2×5) + 4
> =14
>Note: 14 was not provided as possible answer.
>Q10: If blues are 1 less than greens after 1 game they
>would be equal, but more than 1 less, than greens would be
>more, thus answer may vay as accotding to number values

Regarding one of 2 IQ tests I took, in relation to specific
question, given duplicate meaning of letter as referring to
letter of alphabet, letter (of alphabet) is also contained
in book as a typed/written letter would be contained in an
envelope, as water is in a glass. (For truely objective
test this example should be substituted with word that does
not have possible duplicate meanings.)

Graciously yours!