A few years ago I attended, almost like
attending a real university.
I should rephrase what I had said about it almost feeling
like I am attending a real university. Obviously it is a
real university. What I meant to say is that it was almost
really feeling like I was attending a university, be it a
“virtual” one as it may, since studies are conducted over
the Internet.

Some courses, such as BRS16.6/MRS622
Module 2, is not a prerequisite for graduate
students, but can be completed as a matter of

Anyway, there is a very high
unemployment rate in this country.

Yet I have met homeless people of all races who still
praise the Lord, despite their circumstances, almost like
Job was tried, but still retained his faith. The Lord has
humbled me so that I may be more sympathetic towards these
poor people and that I may not be judgemental, but
understanding of their predicament.

Yours faithfully