General Comments

May I also comment on exam for: Luke?
>Q2 NOT attest to Lukan authorship: 2nd & 3rd century
>writers as presumably not within same time frame.
>Q3 Before 50 C.E. as in reference to Herod Philip the

>Tetrarch (4B.C.-A.D.30) inherited northern part of his
>father Herod the Great’s kingdom (Luke 3:1)
>Q6…one should us./one should use absence…
>Q7 Luke’s birth narrative per se focuses on Jesus and

>Joseph in relation to how he went with Mary to register,
>however as for the birth narrative equal reference seems
>be made to Mary and Joseph, although he is not mentioned
>the biblical record after the incident where he and Mary

>found the boy Jesus in the temple of Jerusalem among the
>learned scribes and rabbis (Luke 2:41-52).
>Q10 Back to 9 as page cannot be displayed/Cannot find
>server/DNS error (Apparently Telkom!)

>Q10 Ritual not performed was purification as The Mosaic
>recognized and detailed purification rituals fo three
>distint categories of uncleanness. These were skin
>(Lev. 13-14), sexual discharges (Lev. 15), and contact

>a dead body (Num. 19:11-19)
>By the time of Jesus, much had been aded to the laws of
>purification, making them a burden to the people. Jesus
>denounced such rituals, teaching that the defilement and

>uncleanness came from the inner motives of the mind and
>heart (Mark 7: 14-23). He taught that geniune
>is possible only by following Him and giving heed to his
>message of love and redemption (John 15:3).

>Q15 I considered phrase son of man in Gospels referring
>exclusively to human element in Jesus, as Son of God does
>not exclusively refer to human traits, in as much as
>spiritual traits, in addition hereto.

>Q16 I though it would be incorrect for Luke to pronounce
>blessing on poor and curse the rich as he was apparently a
>humble man who in addition to revealing concern for the
>poor, sick and outcast, also served the great cause in the

>publication of good tidings of great joy. (Luke 2:10).
>Q19 Jesus used parables to conceal a message is false as
>parables were actually used in order to convey rather than
>to conceal a meassage.

>Q21: Inaccurate: Samaritans despised by Jews: Group of
>Jews, led by Zerubbabel, rejected offer from Samaritans
>to help rebuild the temple.. Breach between Samaritans
>Jews widened when Ezra pressured all Israelite men who

>married during captivity to divorce pagan wives (Ezra
>Q22 Incorrect: Tax collectors worked for hated Romans.
>Although they contracted with Roman government to be
>responsible for taxes, I should have paid attention to the

>word: Incorrect. Also the word hated seems more subjective
>than objective when essentially it is the factual
>information rather then subjective interpretations that
>should be assumed or assessed to be either correct or

>conversely incorrect.
>Q23 Incorrect: Jesus came for salvation of all. Here I
>considered correct instead of incorrect option. Then
>although the statement in itself is true that Jesus came

>for salvation of all, the statement would be incorrect in
>relation to Gynaeology, should direct meaning be
>thereto, as in context of Gynaeology would prove Jesus of
>right lineage and was Joseph’s son, which, given context

>irrelevant although it happens to be true.
>Q29 Inacc. Primary intent confirms Peter’s confession
>Q30 Could not find server – went back from 30 to 29/
>page cannot be displayed/unavailable.

>Q33 Audience addressed by Luke: Greco-Roman – Refer
>description of journey from Jerusalem to Rome and given
>fact that he had a greater command of the Greek language.
>Q37 Luke shows interest in divine plane in reference to

>Hebrew Scriptures I considered as false as no specific
>references are made in relation hereto.
>Q40 Human wisdom does not refer to divine activity per
>but might be inspired by such.

>Q43 Incorrect: Pharisees concerned with self-promotion –
>Here I disregarded use of word Incorrect.
>Q45&48&51 I should have paid attention to word incorrect,
>Q53 …incorrect resp_nse…(refer ommission of letter)

>BRS22.1-3g/MRS300-3G: Module 3

>Q2: Eternal life commences in present & continues in

>Q3 Salvation – redemption
>Q7 Messiah is used quite often, but as for most
>used, is there really keeping count thereof?
>Q10 Also teacher

>Q15 Example: metaphor, not: like
>Q25 Situation of early church
>Q26 Applicabe for immediate audience
>Q27 Unfavorable: point
>Q30 Concept of kingdom of God being political universally

>is not true, although this nay be so as according to one
>particular school.
>Q32 Same way: universal/same
>Q38: Jesus taught universal fatherhood of God: true
>Q40-43: My knowledge in this repect was not what it

>have been. (I’ll try and do some reading up on these
>Q42 Word usage, attitudes & inward disposition lead me to
>believe this may be existencial in referral to existence.

>Q43…call fo_ decision
>Q47 At times would be incorrect as Jesus always had as
>authority as God.
>Q50 Use of Amen: common in Jewish literature: A solemm

>word by which a person confirms a statement, an oath, or a
>covenant (Num 5:22;Neh. 5:13). It is ALSO used in worship
>to affirm an address, psalm or prayer. In the New
>Testament, our Lord Jesus Christ is given the same title:

>”the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness” (Rev. 3:14).
>too, is eternallly true and reliable.
>Q53 Future anointed ones: One Section of Book of Habakkuk
>has following commentary: “And God told Habakkuk to write

>down what would happen in future generation, but He did
>make known to him when time would come to an end. And as
>for that which he said, “That he who reads may read it
>speedily”(Hab. 2:2); interpreted, this concerns the

>of Righteousness, to whom God made known all the mysteries
>of the words of His servants the prophets.
>The apostle Paul referred to the Old Testament doctrine of
>the Day of the Lord and applied it to the events that will

>occur at the Second Coming of Christ (2 Pet. 3: 10,13).
> When Christ returns, this present evil age will give way
>to the age to come. The universe will be purified and
>cleansed by the power of God. This will be reminiscent of

>the purging of the earth in the days of Noah, but on a
>universal scale.
>Q56 I would have said Son of Man title was given by
>opponents which though partially true is more like a
>euphemism given the greater context.


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