Re: Fax2Email activation

Fax2Email <>

It was with great thank you very much that I received an online fax number.
I made a note of it for future reference.

A few years ago I was allocated a webmail fax,
but did not use this number and would like to enquire as to whether you still have this number on record or if I should use this new number instead henceforth.

I received the following mail from Fax2Email

Dear Hercolena Oliver,

Welcome to the Faxsmart fax2email system – the cost effective way to receive faxes anywhere, anytime!

Your unique fax2email number is 0865218602 and it has been linked to

You will receive all faxes as an e-mail with a PDF file attachment.

Thank you for using Faxsmarts fax2email service.

Faxsmart fax2email Support

Have you ever used online fax service?
Can you recall any occassions that you had a number allocated to you that you did not use?
And if so, why not??

With sincere appreciation for your due consideration.