Comments & salutations

Greetings & Salutations

Kindly refer to following comments pertaining to Exam.

Q1 I presumed answer to be Hebrew with due reference to
Hebrew Scriptures, commonly called Old Testament by


Q2 I considered Greek translation of OT to be known as
Samaritan Petateuch, as, since translation of Hebrew
Scriptures into the Greek language, the five books have
been commonly labelled the Pentateuch. Admittedly though,

the Greek translation of the Old Testament was known as the

Q10 Option should refer to OT and Bible.

Q17 Reference to formless and void may suggest condition
chaos,as God’s next creative act was to bring order out of

chaos by seperating the land from the water, thus setting
the stage for the creation of plant and animal life.

Q18 Although elements of water and land were present, there
was no light, but dark.

Q37 Verses: Not Bible versEs, but versUs, as in opposed


Q38 Is creation in itself not a blessing? Yet, since the
actual PROCESS of Creation was referred to I viewed land
animals as theme pertaing to theme of that which had been

Q40 Inconsistent/consistent?

Q41 As to my knowledge initial call of Abraham ocurred in
Haran. Refer to Genesis 12:4 in this regard.

Q42 There would rather be parallel between discourses of
Abraham & Moses than other events mentioned.

Regardless, score of 40/48 or 83% was obtained, thus there
was no need to re-take this particular exam.

Yours faithfully!