Comments pertaining to possible answers

I wish to make the following comments pertaining to
possible answers for multiple choice questions.

9. Micah?/Malachi – post-exilic period

46. Future: God’s kingdom to world larger than Jews would
be more likely answer as temple rebuild is only short term,
but vision is more long term.

51. Day of Lord represents day of deliverance or day of
judgement. I would say both answers may be correct to a
certain extent as Day of Lord represents day of judgement

53. Prophets – new law modified Law of Moses T/F
I would say the answer here should rather be true than
false as eye-for-eye of Mosaic law was mandatory as each
criminal had to pay for his own crime.

65. More likely – promise of God’s future – Obadiah is
aimed at Edom. descendant of Esau who gloated over demise
of Judah & God promised to bring her down.

67. Statement “Opressed & afflicted – did not open mouth –
led like lamb to slaughter & as sheep before shearers is
silent so did not open his mouth” – Jonah would have been
my answer considering all the trials he had endured.

70. Apocalyptic material – symbolizes departing glory of
God from temple. When foretells of return of exiles to
Jerusalem with portrait – valley of dry bones coming to
life & new temple. Here I would have chosen Isaiah who
stated that God will bring judgement, but will restore
people to land.

The above is indicative not that answers are
incorrect, but that a thorough knowledge of the learning
material is required as the possible answers are so closely

Yours faithfully