Herewith comments pertaining to an
Exam I took.

Q11 Offerings & sacrifices may be compared to covenant

Q17 1 of following was NOT principle pertaining to eating
peace offering: Fat & blood devoted to God. Here I admit I

should have paid attention to word NOT.

Q19 NOTE: Which of following was considered unclean?
Locust/owl/raven/eagle. I chose raven in accordance with
Leviticus 11:13-23. However, computer gave this answer as


Q21 NOTE: Procedure for celebrating Day of Atonement
first of sacrifice to mark end of old year/consecration of
high priest/burnt offering to mark high Sabbath. I chose

burnt offering to mark high Sabbath, in accordance with
Leviticus 16, but computer gave this answer as being

Q22 Mark INCORRECT. I chose Basic principle for rite of
sacrifice was that life of creature in blood, in blood

makes atonement, as I consider life rather to be in the
soul, at least spiritual life, that is.

Q23 Emphasis on narrative about stoning blasphemer in: I
chose: justice dispensed with reference to Leviticus


Q25 NOTE: At culmination of series of cyclical years, holy
set aside total restoration of land, property and debt.
This was Passover/Sabbatical Year/Jubilee. Although the
answer definitely is Sabbatical Year, in accordance

with Leviticus 25, the computer took my answer as

Q28 I considered non-imposition of uniform literary style
false, although as per computer answer was wrong.

Q29 I chose central command as being “Keep all my decrees

and laws”, as according to Leviticus 27:34.

Q30 I considered division of OT within 3 parts as clear cut
within the Law of Moses.

Q32 In my opinion Peace Offering was initiated by High
Priest to demonstrate God’s grace to Israel. Refer:

Leviticus 3.

Q33 I consider principal focus of attention in Sin Offering
to be guilt of sinner.

Q33 NOTE: Not offense, but offence. Offence of Reparation
Guilt Offering was harm done to one’s neighbour/sinning

inadvertently against Yahweh’s sacred property. I chose
harm done to one’s neighbour, which I consider as being
correct in accordance with Leviticus 6:1-7

Q36 Urim&Thummin were not strictly speaking dice, but

gems were cast, much as dice are thrown, by the high

Q40 Although the derivation of scapegoat is not clear, this
referred to a live goat over whose head Aaron confessed all
the sins of the people of Israel.

Q42 I consider saying cruel things as being the closest
to the actual definition of cursing, since a curse is
defined as a prayer for injury, harm or misfortune to
befall someone. This would be more appropriate answer than

alternate choices of bearing false witness or acting
despicable. Possibly a more accurate definition should be
provided as a more appropriate option.

Q43 I considered statement, For the most part, law
enforcement was private matter for which injured person

was responsible as false, as I would consider that the law
should have had a fair degree of say in matters pertaining
such issues.

Q46 Although I agree with first half of
statement that land belongs ultimately to God, I’m inclined

to question wording of second half of phrase, stating
is but resident aliens and settlers in land. Since all
land belonged to God (Lev. 25:23), land could not be sold;
but land could be lost to another for reason of debt. In

the year of Jubilee such land was returned to families to
which it was originally given. The Jubilee year reminds us
that God wants people to be free. (Luke 4:18-19). It also
stands as a witness to God’s desire for justice on earth

calls into question any social practices that lead to
permanent bondage and loss of economic opportunity.

Yours faithfully!