Good day,

Please note that should you wish to practice as an estate agent,
it is a necessary requirement to apply for Fidelity Fund Certificate.

The e-mail address to contact is: <>

I was issued with a Fidelity Fund Certificate for Established Estates a few
years back. However, I did not trade and did not rent or sell any properties.

However, I thought maybe I should re-apply, but strictly speaking am not a new principal
and although technically it is a renewal, no late renewal penalties are
payable as I did not trade, as I did not manage to rent or sell any

properties, thus there would be no late submission fee for auditor’s report,
as no auditors report required, as turnover was nil.

Although I requested to be advised of the amount payable, account details, reference number and
application forms in respect of renewal or whether I should just deposit for renewal,
as I was registered before, issued with Fidelity
Fund Certificate and have passed the board exam, but notwithstanding did not
trade, as I did not succeed in renting or selling properties, although I did

try, but was unsuccessful, I eventually gave up on the whole idea.

Of course it may be an idea for you to try,
but honestly speaking, have you ever tried any ventures that did’n’t pan out.
(Most of mine haven’t, but who cares anyway? –
Which brings me to the subject:
In what percentage of cases do you encounter an attitude of each man for himself and God for all?

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you.