Hitched and ditched?
Humped and dumped, ladies?

‘F’a’c’ebooke’d’ and Chucked?
Cheeryo and way2go?
Shagd and bagd?
Maild and baild?
Uploaded and eroded?
Invaded and evaded?

Get ovr it bn ovr!

Juz how crude & rude can u get?
Can you ever?

Brawns, but no brains!

Fine if they think they can do better than someone like you.
Let them find sum1who writes like dem.

Your life is perfect.
You do not need a man who cheats on you with every woman he sees everywhere he goes.

Just remember his adultery yesterday and today may be an excuse for you
to be unfaithful to him tomorrow.

They mix with shit, they stink like shit.

If they wana fuck d wife of a man who she goes home to fuck after them,
that’z their problem.

It is binding on their conscience they shudnt fuck a woman who vowed in church to have taken her husband UNTIL death do them part
i.e. Not to canvas them when he’s ‘sick’!

They (should) know sxual relations with a woman wedded in church is ungodly for what God has put together, shall no man put asunder.
Such mortal, immoral sin God will not let go by.

That woman tried to get you out of the way so she can use your man, but be wary of those whose constant sweaarwords may
encourage them to use vile words. Matthew 12:37 “For by thy words thou shalt be justified,
and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”

For them to part with their tharted hard-earned mon 4sin that’s sugar coated as helpn others,
is defeating Godly purposes & an insult to God & by no means a blessing.

For them to be put on a guilt trip by lazy people is manipulative as they are not responsible for sustaining the next person’s upkeep,
as such preying on sympathy this is contrary to the will of God.

Pray those evil spirits will take their leave of the person that ditched you now and that they will have no further abonimable desires for
& inclination towards such ungodly persons.

Neither tolerate nor associate with such people whose habitual affairs are an abonimation to the Lord.
So Be It.

Stop with such affairs that is an abomination to the Lord Right Now!

Pray to God to exorcise those demons from them that were wrought onto them by women’s nude bodies
& the bodies of another thus indecently exposed to them.

Bear in mind that lust is countrefeit of love & that sxual activity, thus imposed, can nevr substitute tru luv.
Evry cent they give them contributes to your suffering.

They get a kick out of thinking they can make them desire them sexually,
but by the power of God these weapons of the enemy will be defeated and their evil will be destroyed.

Those bitches cannot take over and control them, because by the Grace of God, that will never happen.

Dispose and cast out the devil and evil, lustful temptations and do not entertain them any further.

The women they are with are evil, because they are trying to manipulate them with lust into lying to you
and hurting you feelings, when within their heart they love only you.

You shdouldn’t cl them when they’re alone again.
Let them continue sucking up to them like the blood sucking leeches they are.

They and the woman they are with are both heartless and cruel.

You feel all broken up inside, because of the smug way they said ‘GET OVER IT’, ladies, when you told them you love them.
You know they were not alone when u cld them. U won’t cl them again.

You may have been feeling:

Nothing and noone’s gona change your love for them.

Your love for them transcends carnal temptations imposed on them.

Your love for them is far greater than the self-serving purposes of those who exploit them.

You’re so happy for her. REALLY you are. Of course she had to blow his hooter so the whole world
can know how she stole your man.

You are heartbroken.

U don’t evn av busfare to cum2visit the one u gave ur heart to and am at their mercy 2pick u up.
But is never happens? Coz they\re too busy having a good time to spare you a thought.
If they av sx wt u, nevr believe that they will nevr want anotr, that theyl only want you.

Ur ph hasn’t evn rung once the whole day.
U’v almost forgotn what it’s like to have sex.
Can you indulge me and read this blog, pretty please?

If I see a woman and she just looked away.
Her husband doesn’t mind her having relations with the next person,
neither does anyone else, for that matter,
she can live with the guilt of what she did to other women by enticing men,
I’m over it now.You’re over it now!

Oh, so that wazn d latest, no wondr sum men av 2w overtm and den u still make d most of it.
Gud 4 them. Juz say, Nice knowin ya. And get on with it. Who needs them, anyway?

You might like someone and think that is a nice person, but their latest escapade oft is d last straw.
You’ve continuously warned them about their habits.
They’ve given you sleepless nights:-~

And you were stupid enough to believe so-and-so when so-and-so said it meant
they’re in a relationship with you.

Hypothetical note from d woman ur with’s husband:
When a man steals ur wife, therez no betr revenge than letn him keep her.

Scuze ze French again, but juz say, Fuck her. She’s not your friend.
She never was. Get fukd!

That’s it. You don’t need that person any more.

Why do they scream at you in public?
You will never talk to her.
You don’t know her.

Why do they look through d keyhole of a transparent shower door?
U wudv givn dem a pockt calculator, but u know how may pocket dey av.
Y were der more den 18 people by d event?
Coz no under 18s wr allowed.
Dat xplains y u wazn invitd aftr cleanin d hm wn othrz wr sleepn like an idiot.
Copy n compare wut d original.

You’re writn him/her an her off an out of ur life coz dey upset you too much.

U’r not gna sms dem again coz u’r writn him and her off out of ur life coz dey upset u too much.

In time they will be hurt more deeply than they hurt you, when one day they realize you truly love(d) them and that other woman is only using him.

In case they wonder how u’re aware as to their whereabouts, as his lover (assuming ur female, tho male apply gender vice versa), u’r always aware of him, ur beloved, and u hate third-party interferences.

Awe, im soooo sowwy baby, mwa,mwa,mwa.

You can just say, thank you, Lord, that you’re not like the puritans.

You respect them, because they’re good & kind & like making people happy, everyone else, apart from you, that is.

Do you know that feeling?

Bless you for caring, as much as God will punish those who upset us.
Take up an attitude of, good for them, fine if they think they can do better.
That also helped me!

Galatians 5:10 “But I still feel confident about you. Our life in union with the Lord makes me confident that you will not take a different view and that the man who is upsetting you, whoever he is, will be punished by God.” And then, especially significant, vs 12, “I wish that the people who are upsetting you would go all the way; let them go and castrate themselves!” and vs 13 “As for you, my brothers, you were called to be free. But do not let freedom become and excuse for letting your physical desires control you. Instead, let love make you serve one another.”

Christus Mansionem Benedicat

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