Hey, I got 36% of the cards right on my phone

online psychic test, indicative of a great amount of clairvoyant ability.


(or was that de ja vouz, hey, I have the distinct feeling I’ve typed this



Would you say, in relation to above, that a fair amount of superstition is religiously and morally justifiable? On what grounds?


‘If it’s God’s will that you be happy with someone else, so be it.’

How would you interpret such a fatalistic observation?


Would you say that within conversation it is better to use flippant or more sincere vocabulary?


‘If you are serious about me, you will leave those other women instead of

leaving me in the lurch while you chase adulterers. Call me when you’re

ready to see me on those terms.’

How would you interpret such a statement?


‘Up until such time as you agree hereto, including blocking and deleting

their phone numbers, I won’t have se(xxx – yeah, some married women actually put that by their comments, uh, beats the crap outa me too) with you again.’

What would your reaction be to such an ultimatum?


‘If you want to fully regain my trust, you mustn’t see, mustn’t talk to and

mustn’t touch those morally unscrupulous wenches.’

Do you think such an approach would result in a favourable or unfavourable outcome?\

Probably favourable, hey, wait, the phone’s gona ring any mo now, but then again

I’ve bn sayin’ that for the last couple o’ months, or so…)


‘Yet, I don’t tell you nice things to take advantage of you, as others do, I

tell is as it is, since, now the deception doesn’t fester, we can heal our


With regards hereto, just what degree of honesty is required & preferential within relationships?


‘Although, to others, you’re just a meal ticket, to me you’re supernatural.’

Would you say such a degree of hero-worship, is, at best, unwise?


‘I am jealous of you, because I love you and no women in relationships with

any others have the right to dictate to you.’

Would you regard such a statement as foolish?


‘I want you to promise me you will stop having contact with other women

before I will have se(x) with you again.’

What are your opinions on such an approach?


‘When you finished gathering stones, you will cry for the diamond you lost.’

Do people ever really value what they should, now, truly?


‘I hope and pray from now on you will only allow me into your bed.’

Does this tie in with hope being regarded as one of the three noblest virtues?


‘I and God love you. Break the yokes of the enemies.’

How would such measures be achieved?


‘Never feel that I don’t want you. I do want you and what’s best for you. I

will never reject you. I know you’ve been hurt in the past, but you don’t

have to feel sad and unloved, because I love you.’

To what extent are past disappointments permissible excuses for present shortcomings?


‘It’s not worth it bringing into and doing in your home what is an

abomination to the Lord. Don’t buy their shit anymore. I am upset. Do

something about this. Heed this warning. Don’t allow those people and break

that bondage, it’s bad, before they destroy you with their greed. I love

you and forgive you.’

To what extent can so-called friends spoil relationships?


‘It is not a healthy situation for another man’s wife to try and control

you. If you put your hand in the fire, you will get burnt.’

Do you think it to be unwise to engage in adultery?


‘Be careful of who you bring into your home so that the devils may not enter

and entice you to immoral and depraved acts. Time spent with adulterers is

wasted time.


I pray to God to break ungodly soul ties associated with forbidden

relations. Don’t be a slave to sin. Renounce the sick relations that made

you too unhealthy to love those who love you.


Or were you planning on letting your loved ones simmer until it’s time for their ‘turn’?

No, NO. NOO, dear blog reader!-)

You will crave what you cannot have.


So when in enough enough?


‘OF course that doesn’t include your ever increasing facebook list, but I

believe you.’

So how many others of you’ve bn told that?

And rightfully so – or not, hey?

Come on, be honest!


‘I do realize your predicament, not wanting to see me, as you’re battling to

support so many women on your wages. Cheerio, ol’ chap.’

Do you think this approach will ever work??


Lyrics, ‘Rolling in the deep’: “We could have had it all Rolling in the

deep You had my heart inside your hand And you played it to the beat.’


When you want to be, tell me, time and distance can’t keep us apart,

because, only for you, I have love in my heart. (It’d be prudent to wait



‘I had such beautiful visions prior hereto. However, it was not meant to be.

I pray all those witches’ curses go back to whence they came, in Jesus

name. Me and you having a family together was all I ever wanted.’

What went wrong with the idealism here?


It would appear to me your conscience has been desynthesised to such an

extent that you are unable to determine right from wrong. I’m determined to

correct this fallacy.




There are temptations out there, but it doesn’t have to be that way, ‘cause

when the party’s over you feel miserable and if you sow wild oats, the

crops are eaten by swines. Do not be deceived.


Swami Vivekananda Javanti, ‘Everything in life has a beautiful ending. If

the ending is not beautiful, then be sure it is not yet the end.’


Take heed!