Call me old-fashioned if you want, but I was under the impression that you had some feelings for me, because you fucked me when I last visited you.


I’m suffering from severe sensory deprivation without you. Can you help me overcome?


I begin to sing to the god with the muscular physique, the coordinator of both far & wide, a man so unique, he ignites my desire, whether or not he be by my side, a man who’s glory I’ve sung, as he’s so well hung, with girdle swung low, thus I was caught by Cupid’s arrow, to me a lure, a man so pure, resplendent in splendor, you are he inasmuch as I’m of this tribute the sender.


I will never inhibit your social life & your freedom, but I will always be there for you to the extent that you need me and I will never forsake you, regardless of what you do.


I would never propose having sex with another woman’s husband, but not everyone has evolved to the level not to try and cling on where prior attachments have been present.


At least I do not have such a level of greed, anger, selfishness and pride so as to begrudge my neighbour.


As iron is drawn to a magnet, so my thoughts are drawn to you. I’m entangled in an endless love knot. Love you. Love you knot. Love you. I’m just so sick of interference.


Watch your thoughts, for they form words, forming actions, forming habit, forming character. Some of your current habits are uncharacteristic of you. Watch out.


Don’t fall for a tyrant, playing the victim. God blessed you, because you rescued people. You don’t have to give what God gave you to people who are too lazy to work. Think!


I know you wanted to help that woman’s family, as you thought it’s resolve past problems, but have you thought how this has hurt and upset me? Look after yourself first.


Never forget the agony you suffered at the hands of people you were in past relations with. You shouldn’t continue associating with those people. They’re bad  news.



P.s. I’m misn ur 7.5 inch cock, big balls n high sx drive!


P.p.s. Ja, datz my lad wutda 9 inch cock and bog balls, fuck yeah.


I was hoping for a wedding ring. Instead all I got was suffering.