Hey, I got 36% of the cards I guessed right on my phone online psychic test, indicative of a great amount of clairvoyant ability.


Ja, I know, I’ve mentioned this about a dozen times, so where’s the congrats comments then??


In case you din’ know:


Refers to ability to perceive distant persons, objects & events.


(I shall elaborate on this further below)


Would you say these contents are more inclined to an adult or religious interpretation:


Befall all


‘Other than the occasional disappointment & rejection I’ve suffered in our relationship, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with you, as your brute male chauvinism that I’m deeply attracted to, make such slights appear insignificant, considering your noble, though oft misguided mission to relieve damsels in distress, so all I have to do is think of you, then I don’t feel quite as blue, of a mean beyond compare & a lady-sitter extraordinaire!


Guide me here: who is actually in the wrong?


‘Next time that woman contacts you, tell her to leave you alone, because you don’t need an extra-marital affair, as you have a girlfriend of your own. My estimation of you is much higher, should you have the ability to withstand any desire.’

Your estimation?


‘Handsome Dear, so protective & so strong;

Keep me safe in your arms, where I belong.

With you comes good & no ill will befall,

As you guard over me, come one and all.’

Come on, guard me, baby, guard me!


‘On last June night

As stars shine bright

Pray God keep you

Day and night to

Come to me here

You I hold dear’

Any minute now…


‘I have a LOT of patience,

Even if I have to wait another couple years,

‘til eventually you’re so over the hill,

I shall wait for you.’

Someone, please dust the web off me.


The Lord says this about the false females who tried to control you,

Ezekiel 13, ‘You dishonor me in order to get a few pieces of bread.

So you tell lies to my people, and they believe you.

I hate your attempt to control.

I will set free the people you were controlling.

I will let my people escape from your power for once and for all.’


I pray that you will no longer serve the evil one

And neither evil passion nor sin,

But that thine heart will be mine

In glory to God Almighty now & forever more.


I am comforted in knowing that you care

And pray all you wish for will be  granted in prayer.


Forbidden polluting pleasures are the abominable thing the Lord hates.

Every sin and the most secret thoughts of your heart are known and will be judged by God.


Do not defile your body by touching unclean women,

As by doing so, you also defile the body of Christ.

Tell them, keep away, don’t touch me.


I have no idea why you continue associating with wayward people,

After the misery those people caused you.

Every minute dedicated to worldly pleasures,

In one minute less in the presence of God.


You should be angry with those people who have messed up your life

And attempted to destroy your relationship with God.

It is not right and not fair that you should leave God alone,

As God is the only person whom can free you from the repercussions of sin.


God is upset about your abruptness in pursueing worldy ways.

Send God a prayer love letter to make you feel better.

AS for me:

(If we had romance and wine that’s make me feel fine.)

But God says:

You don’t need romance and wine to make you feel fine.


‘More romantic orientation: I’d love you to take me on a date & have a slow dance,

My gift to you won’t be a flower, but lingering romance.

You know I can never compensate you for all you mean to me,

But I could pour you a hot bubble bath & light some candles & then wait & see.

I am thinking of you, because you look so good, like Robert de Nero.

I think I’ll have a nice warm bath & think of you some more, ‘cause you’re my hero.

Then I’m gonna go to bed, wish we were together to cuddle,

I can’t get you out of my head & promise to give you a special massage time next time we’re alone together, ‘til then your charisma has my hormones in a muddle.’

Volunteers, anyone?


I don’t think you have to be celibate and faithful to a woman who fucks another man.

(‘scuse ze French)


As for me, you’re the only man for me.

Yes, you, reading this blog.

Who else!



I miss romancing you,

As you know that I have an ardent emotional attachment to you.

Lovingly yours, endeared to your embrace, passionately’

So what went amiss?


I don’t care what you do any time,

As long as other women can’t take advantage of your kind heart & good nature.

You deserve better than that.


Ok, here’s my (con)version:

of winter, that is:


It’s Gna B a 40 Degree Heat Wave!

Get Ya Sunblock, Sunglasses

& Spedo’s Optional,

‘cos u don’ worry ‘bout da Cozzy,





There’s people for instance that will try and lead you astray,

But never listen to them again.

They can keep on doing whatever it is they’re doin’ that comes with the territory,

For all I care.

Do you also want to end up in that category

Or do you honestly believe that you’re on the right path where you’re heading now?


To sleep, you should apply mild pressure behind the base of your thumbs and also put your hand palm down on your head with your middle or index finger between your eyebrows by the third eye chakra.

Good afternoon!-)


South East is optimal for placing water-related artefacts,

In order to obtain equilibrium.


I stand under correction.

Winter solstice in June is in the Northern Hemisphere.

Sweet dreams are made of these.


Night in da morn?

I guess so, what with winter solstice?


‘I used to enjoy visiting you.

You used to make me feel so safe and protected

When I slept next to you and I used to enjoy cuddling up next to you on the sofa.

Now I’m all alone and lonely, because of women,

Skilled at manipulating the men they live with,

Who have constantly interfered in our relationship.


The truth is that I don’t like two-faced people,

Who I won’t let into my home,

Because their presence upset me.’

Honey, have you had a similar problem?

Come one and tell me all about it.


‘After you haven’t bothered seeing me for two months,

I’m not gna go to your house to see who you’re

fucking (for lack of a better word).

Let me know when you want to visit me, so we can talk.’

And then there’s Faith, HOPE (and God knows who else.)

(with no blasphemous intention, I beg your pardon)


As curious as I am with regards to your whereabouts,

I, out of respect for you, do not have the right to dictate

To you who to have in your home

& it’s pointless questioning you,

Knowing, if you’ve found someone else,

You’d probably deny it,

Just as you never told your ex I’m your girlfriend.


And why would you, dear blog reader?

After all, you don’t even know me,


HYPOTHETICALLY-speaking, Of Course.


This time I scored 40%, indicative of an extraordinary amount of power

To see the unknown.


According to a psychic online test, I have ESP,

Extra Sensory Perception.

That is to know things that are currently going on by sensing them.

Do you agree?


The woman you are with now,

You don’t love her.

You love me.


Or you wouldn’t be here now, reading my blog, now would you?

Coochee, coochee coo, two for me and none for you.


You should be ashamed of yourself.

I won’t tolerate you fucking women half your age.

You’re not answering,

So tomorrow, when I see you,

You will tell me the truth.


Skype me when you’re back on my blogger!

HAHA (sinister laugh)


Tell the bitch you are with to read this and weep,

‘cause you always come back to me,

Time and again,

‘coz none of those disgusting cock sucking pathetic

Can satisfy you the way I DO.


(There goes that spell checker again!



I know no other woman can make you feel like I do.


I’m tired of sitting all alone at home.

I miss all the days & nights we’ve been together

Naked for hours,making love.

Don’t you miss that?





Uhm, to continue…


I’m battling without you

And I’m so lonely without you

And my pussy is missing your cock.

You are the only person whose support I can rely on.

You’re the only man for me.

I don’t know what to do any more.

Ican’t live if the living is without you.

I need you like a fish needs water.

I love you.




The Truth lies in Love.

How would you interpret such a parable?