Here’s a (good) couple youtube vids I’d still like to watch)

watch youtube: in history: martial artist or…
watch youtube: hypnotism and mesmerism
mesmerism magnetism: secret techniques,
true mesmerism techniques &
traditional elements & NLF
taught by Dr Marco
• Watch (all) greatest love making movie scenes
• Watch (all) greatest movie love themes
hymns (visual)
listen to hymns (audio)
watch Saraswati Vandana Mantra 

back and back

enchanting tunes: the ragas and the raginis.

Watch: (yagna) / (yagna/fire ritual)…28778.32276.0.34588.…0.0…






also see Saraswati mantras
Only know your lover when you let them go
mantras on  reversing and returning curses
‘mantra for man to reverse and return curse’
learn how to
Latin American dancing
basic dance routines & moves
F. polednc
m. polednc.

Watch vids on: i1: (Casanova)

Add to youtube i1: create new playlists

Watch 3 vids on each subject/topic

·         LITERATURE

·         Archmage – lovers

·         Grotesque

·         Ninja

·         Samurai

·         Wuxia

·         Casanova

·         Cheerleader

·         Cowboy

·         Cowgirl

·         Pahuco

·         Pocahontas

·         Sophisticated language and manners of high society

·         Cinema Verite

·         Modern realistic filmmaking

·         Courtly behavior

·         Fashion

·         Leadership

·         Maureen o’ Hara – Against all flags

·         Escapist adventure

·         Historic romance

·         Diplomatic

·         Jean Peters: Anne of the Indies

·         Renaissance paintings

·         Roman sculptures

·         William Tell

·         Queen of Swords

·         Daring stunts

·         Man who is amorously, ardently and gallantly devoted to women

·         Action hero: Space Mark

·         (Swashbuckler): No woman  could resist

·         Casanova’s amorous charms

·         Leader

·         Cheerleader

·         Casanova: notorious seducer, swashbuckler

·         Master of disguise and wit

·         Venis as locus of decadente Italiane allure

·         Ruins of ancient Rome

·         Don Giovanni

·         Pirate stories

·         Saramouche

·         Tales of King Arthur

·         Architecture of Rome’s Early Christian, Renaissance &Baroque 

·         Archeological sites of Herculaneum and Pompeii & Mount Vesuivus

·         Age of reason

·         Napoleon wars

·         The 3 Musketeers

·         The Scarlet Pimpernel

·         Hot Shot

·         Jewish lawyer

·         Yokel

·         Robin Hood

·         Zorro

·         Swordplay:

o   William Hobbs

o   Anthony de Longis

o   Bob Andersen

o   Peter Diamond

·         Boffin

·         Clown:

o   Petrushka

o   Harlequin

o   Pierrot

·         Trickster

·         Adventure

·         Sicily – site of Greek ruins

·         Greece

·         Naples

·         Vienna

·         Berlin

·         Munich

·         Holland

·         Dreams, waking thoughts and…

·         Rendesvouz

·         Reincarnation

·         Adaptions of classic historic novels

·         By:  

o   Alexandre Dumas

o   Rafael Sabathi

o   Baroness Emma Orczy

o   Sir Walter Scott

o   Johnston McCulles

o   Edmond Rostend

·         Knight:

o   Knight-errant

o   Youxia

o   Charles Draws

·         Tivoli

·         Courtesans