Praying that you will be able to withstand provocation, even in the face of temptation!


Glory to God in the highest, goodwill & peace amongst men!

Replace anger w peace, animosity w understanding, bitterness w sweetness, condescending w converting, control w complacency, destruction w construction, condemnation w contemplation, consequences with mindfulness of behavior, criticism w forgiveness, despair w deliverance, evil w good, gossip w praise, hate w love, heathen w hearken, hurt w healing, indignity w tolerance, indiscriminate actions w honest intentions, iniquity w integrity, injustice w justice, negative w positive, problems w  prayer, rejection w acceptance, reprimanding w discussion, retaliation w reciprocation, retribution w contribution, sickness w health, suppression w supplication & tribulation w jubilation.

God bless you and protect you and give you peace.



Original version, before new up-beat version:


On a more philosophical note:

Replace negative with positive, control with complacency, problems with prayer, anger with peace, animosity with understanding, iniquity with integrity, evil with good, hurt with healing, destruction with construction, sickness with health, injustice with justice, gossip with praise, condemnation with contemplation, rejection with acceptance, retaliation with reciprocation, retribution with contribution, consequences with mindfulness of behavior, indignity with tolerance, reprimanding with discussion, indiscriminate actions with honest intentions, bitterness with sweetness, criticism with forgiveness and hate with love.


You will not hold those words against you, nor label a person accordingly and if you have ever said anything to upset the next person,  apologise, as we are accountable for our words.


You don’t have to give in to any person’s demands, ‘coz of fear of intimidation. I pray God will heal your relationship after damage caused by outside interference.


Do not allow anyone to impose their will on you and oppress you. Even if a person told me you anything untowards about the next person, you should through love for your fellow-human beings forgive weakness of the flesh.


You may also be at fault, ‘cause the more you accuse someone, the more they seek comfort elsewhere. You’re a grown person. No further accusations. Say, ‘I trust you, without inhibiting you.’


My love for you holds firm in the midst of betrayal.


God forgives you where you have strayed and believes you will be faithful to Him.


Proverbs 6: 29 ‘So he that goeth in to his neighbour’s wife; whosoever toucheth her shall not be innocent.’



We must have a united front.