The Lord says this about the false females who tried to control you, Ezekiel 13

‘You dishonour me in order to get a few pieces of bread. So you tell lies to my people, and they believe you. I hate your attempt to control. I will set free the people you were controlling. I will let my people escape from your power for once & for all.’



I pray that you will no longer serve the evil one and neither evil passion nor sin, but that thine heart will be in glory to God Almighty now & forever more.


I am comforted in knowing that you care and pray all you wish for will be granted in prayer.


Forbidden polluting pleasures are the abonimable thing the Lord hates. Every sin and the most secret thoughts of your heart are known and will be judged by God.


Do not defile your body by touching unclean women, as by doing so you also defile the body of Christ. Tell them, keep away.


There is no reason whatsoever to continue associating with those who’ve caused you any form of misery.