When in doubt, act like you believe them. Don’t keep accusing of wrong. People

will crave what they can’t have.


Initial version:


On a more philosophical note:


Replace negative with positive, control with complacency, problems with

prayer, anger with peace, animosity with understanding, iniquity with

integrity, evil with good, hurt with healing, destruction with

construction, sickness with health, injustice with justice, gossip with

praise, condemnation with contemplation, rejection with acceptance,

retaliation with reciprocation, retribution with contribution, consequences

with mindfulness of behavior, indignity with tolerance, reprimanding with

discussion, indiscriminate actions with honest intentions, bitterness with

sweetness, criticism with forgiveness and hate with love.


Glory to God in the highest. Goodwill & peace amongst men!

Replace anger with peace, animosity with understanding, bitterness with

sweetness, condescending with converting, control with complacency,

destruction with construction, condemnation with contemplation,

consequences with mindfulness of behavior, criticism with forgiveness,

despair with deliverance, evil with good, gossip with praise, hate with

love, heathen with hearken, hurt with healing, indignity with tolerance,

indiscriminate actions with honest intentions, iniquity with integrity,

injustice with justice, negative with positive, problems with prayer,

rejection with acceptance, reprimanding with discussion, reconciliation

with reciprocation, retribution with contribution, sickness with health,

suppression with supplication & tribulation with jubilation. God bless you

& give you the peace that surpasses all understanding.




Do not allow anyone to impose their will on your and to oppress you. Even

if someone told you anything negative about the next person,

 you should through your love for the next person

forgive weakness of the flesh.




You may also be at fault, because the more you accuse the next person,

the more that person is akin to seek comfort


You’re a grown person.

No further accusations.

Practice trust without inhibiting.



Forgive others where they have strayed and believe that they will be faithful to you,

through God’s divine intervention.




Vade retro Satana. Step back Satan.




I rebuke all demons that entice you to immoral urges.




Don’t say no-one has to know. God knows.




You know exactly what I’m referring to. Stop!




Do not be tempted by vain things. What’s offered to you is evil.




So when is enough enough?




You may have had such beautiful visions prior hereto. However, it was not meant to be.

I pray all those witches’ curses go back to whence they came in Jesus name.

Perhaps you and you having a family together was all you wanted.

Or more. I trust God will answer all your prayers.




It would appear to me that your conscience has been desynthesised to such

an extent that you are unable to distinguish right from wrong. I’m

determined to correct this fallacy.




There are temptations out there, but it doesn’t have to be that way, ‘cause

when the party’s over you’ll feel miserable and if you sow wild oats, the

crops are eaten by the swines. Do not be deceived.



Swami Vivekananda Jayanti: “Everything in life has a beautiful ending. If

the ending is not beautiful, then be sure it is not yet the end.”