The diamond and bloodstone are Aries birthstones. Yup, that’s me.
What’s yours, BTW?
Have you ever had bats in ur roof? (Uhm, probably not? – take heart, luck’l come one way or another, God willing!-)
According to superstition, bats nesting in your home means you are likely to become very wealthy.
Condensed version:
May u av gud luck by rabbit foot, 4leaf clover, horseshoe, stars, rainbow, birthstone, candles, wishbone, crossing fingrs, goldfish, penny, spidr & bird dropn.
Sure, even as Christians we can believe in good luck. Consider all the Biblical allusions hereto!

Good Luck Poem:

Sms version:
(Night of a million stars)

May a rabbit’s foot & horseshoe bring you good luck 2day
& a 4-leaf clover, rathr than apple keep d dr away.
By ur birthstone, get whatever u wish 4;
Make a wish uzn a wishbone, d longer, d more.
Cross ur fingrs 2 help ur wish 2 come true;
Goldfish in d pond bring good luck too.
Ur initial in a spider’s web brings good luck 4evr;
As does a cricket, never say nevr.
Tiny spider dropn on u means u’l come into money,
Bird dropn on u is fortunate, tho not that funny.
If u wish, throwing coin into fountain,
D wish’l turn ur moleheap into a mountain.
Our fate is writn in d stars of old:
At d end of d rainbow is a pot of gold,
Tho 2find a penny heads up brings many from few,
Thus, may all ur wishes come true 4u.
Good luck!

* *

*The Good Luck Charm Poem*

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(For the World Wide Web)

“A spider spinning in the morn brings good luck.”

Let the second half of 2013 be prone to good incidents & not a near miss of
good fortune!!

Find a four-leaf clover to bring you good luck

& find a horseshoe to bring you good luck.

Wear your clothes inside out to bring good luck

& wear your birthstone to bring you good luck.

May a rabbit’s foot bring you good luck today

& an apple a day keep the doctor away.

Blow out all the candles on your birthday cake & get whatever you wish for.

Make a wish using a wishbone, the longer, the stronger & more:

Cross your fingers to avoid bad luck & help your wish to come true;

Goldfish in the pond bring good luck too.

Finding your initial in a spider’s web brings good luck forever.

Find a penny on the floor to bring good luck by the door – never say never.

“If you pass it on to a friend” (as I’ve done with my li’l friend),

“your luck will never end.” (Lucky Me!)

A tiny spider dropping on your head indicates you will come into money.

Bird dropping landing on your head is fortunate, ‘though not that funny.

A cricket in the house brings good luck centres.

A frog brings good luck to the house it enters.

If you made a wish while throwing a coin into a well or fountain

The wish will come true & turn your mole’s heap into a mountain.

Our fate are written in the stars of old:

At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold,

‘though to find a penny heads up, brings good luck from few.

May all your wishes come true, for you.

Good Luck!

Shortened/condensed version:

May a rabbit’s foot & horseshoe brings good luck today

& your clothes inside out & cross your fingers to keep bad luck away.

Using a longer wishbone, wish whatever you wish for,

Blow out your birthday candles & get what you wish for and more.

This will help your wishes to come true.

May all your wishes come true, for you.