Accidental versus Coincidental, deduced

For the last time, good people, I’m telling ya, It’s SMS and MMS, not S&M!
Life’s Like That (Parables, amongst other ‘things’)
Sayings, juz’ sayin’

One for all and all for one, for once and for all!
Perhaps you can relate to this credo:
To rise, I had to fall
& had nothing, to now aspire to have it all.

Say, ‘I am extremely powerful, by the grace of God.’

See correlation between words included in definition of ‘powerful’ & ‘grace’

And google corresponding Biblical Scriptures.

Comment on correlations you encounter, when conducting this activity.

When something has outlived it’s purpose, it not only becomes redundant, it
becomes rubbish, fit for the trash can.
You can’t keep the weeds, in favour of crowding out the foliage.
Do you understand?

Write comments on your interpretation of the following:

What God considers to be an Abonimation versus what Man does in Adoration

Imminent versus Immediate

Obliteration in conjunction with Unnecessary Tautology of Alliteration

Disassociating & Forsaking

Defiles & defies

Consecrate & concentrate

Realism versus idealism

What would your recommendations be on what to do when touched by an unclean person?

So the to rest I say, good, have the good rest too, so I say.
Now have your say.